Organic SuperSlim Rice Crisps launched BACK
Want-Want SuperSlim Rice Crisps / Brown Rice Crisps were issued NOP certification on organically produced goods with concern to "Made with Organic Ingredients", the flavors are:
Sea Salt, Sesame, Original, Black Sesame, Multigrain, Vegetable
Rice in its most natural form contains an outer layer called Bran. Bran is part of the rice grain that contains many essential nutrients.
SuperSlim Brown Rice Crisps combine all the health benefits of whole grain Brown Japonica Rice with great Flavour and texture. Baked so they are low in fat, SuperSlim Brown Rice Crisps are cholesterol, gluten and MSG free, and contain no added preservatives.
Try the rich and unique Flavour that you can only find with Brown Rice.
Health Checklist:
  • Oven Baked
  • No Trans Fat
  • Cholesterol Free
  • Wheat Free

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