SuperSlim Rice Crisps BACK Flavor:
Looking for a guilt-free snack? Try our new baked SuperSlim Rice Crisps! Made with premium Japonica Rice, they are filled with natural rice aroma and flavor the way rice crackers are meant to be SuperSlim Rice Crisps are cholesterol and gluten free with no added preservatives.

SuperSlim Rice Crisps are conveniently packaged in 3 portable stay-fresh portion packs. Just tear one off and slip into your lunch bag or take along your next outing as a guilt free snack.

Our Sea Salt flavor is lightly salted so that you can enjoy the taste and aroma of pure Japonica Rice.

Health Checklist:
· Organic
· Oven Baked
· No Trans Fat
· Cholesterol Free
· Gluten Free




Sea Salt, Sesame,


Nutrition Fact