Crinkles Rice Chips BACK Flavor:

Introducing Crinkles Rice Chips 85 Calorie Packs. Baked with Japonica Rice for a one of a kind flavour experience that is also low in fat and free of cholesterol and trans fats. With only 85 Calories per 20 g pack, Crinkles Rice Chips 85 Calorie Packs are the right snack, the right amount, and the right flavour any time of the day!

Health Checklist:
· No Trans Fat
· Low In Fat
· Oven Baked
· Gluten Free
· Cholesterol Free
· Twin Flavour Pack


120g (20g*6 packs)


Sea Salt & Lime, Sun Ripened Tomato, Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil


Nutrition Fact